Terms and Conditions


Dear friends,

We have recently updated the rules of the club and updated Terms and Conditions coming shortly. Meanwhile, ...

What has been changed?

Now, every existing Sitecore Discussion Club member is entitled to invite two guests into the club. Previously all new candidates had to present on their first visit to the club in order to be accepted as permanent members. This technical challenge allowed the club to bring only those platform enthusiasts, who are willing to learn and commit back to the community.

Important! Your memebership will (or will not) be granted upon the quality of presentations - the decision is taken by organizers and they announce it at the end of the event. If not successful, candidates can take as many attempts of presentation, as they only could prepare for the oncoming events, until being accepted.

Despite this indeed helping the club to benefit from having only the best and most talented enthusiasts, some of them still struggle to find their way to the club. Many of them have quite a busy lifestyle combining work and family life, leaving very little time for anything else.

That is why with understanding and accepting the above fact, we found a way for those talents to benefit from participating in the thrilling discussions without doing a presentation at their first visit. Instead, they may dive into a friendly and cozy atmosphere of the club from the minute one, giving individuals decide to join the club deliberately, after they experience what Sitecore Discussion Club actually is.

Are there any limitations?

There are few, actually..

Firstly, guests still need to perform a technical presentation on any Sitecore-related topic upon their return to the club next time, if they decide to join.

Secondly, as said above, only already existing members can invite guests and only two guests per member per event.

Thirdly, members are responsible for introducing the guests to the club, explaining what it actually is, our aims and benefits, and the rules of the club.

And last but not the least, Sitecore Discussion Club trusts its existing members in inviting those who may benefit from our club and who may bring value to it.

Thanks and looking forward to meeting you at Sitecore Discussion Club!