Every participant is required to hold a membership of the club - it is mandatory. If you would like to become a member, please apply for membership using the form below. We will send you an invite once available. Please also notice, that Sitecore Slack account is also mandatory for the registration, and we cannot process without it.

Sitecore MVPs

Existing Sitecore MVPs are not subject to any membership limitations and can attend Sitecore Discussion Club events free of limitations. However, MVPs are encouraged to participate in all the sections of the club. Also, we kindly ask you to notify us whether you plan to attend the next event, despite it's not mandatory for MVPs.

Other special types of participants

There are people who are doing their best in order make Sitecore Discussion Club the best event. They have various responsibilities and in turn, may have certain privileges.

1. Organiser and co-organizers

An individual who is responsible for arranging events, supporting infrastructure, website, and slack channel. The organizer is responsible for inviting and introducing of new members, resolving issues, etc. Co-organizer is a person who helps organize preparational activities and substitutes an organizer in certain cases.

2. Sponsor

The sponsor helps to cover material expenses as well as provides the venue. These roles bring significant value to Sitecore Discussion Club. We deeply appreciate sposoring activites and therefore exceptionally allow sponsors conduct recruitment activity, in a manner that does not distract from the main agenda of the club - sharing the knowledge.

3. Sitecore representatives

Sitecore Discussion Club welcomes those working hard to make our beloved platform better, that's why this category of people benefit of priority right to present. The Club is ultimately interested in getting the information from the "first hands" they may share.